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6 Key Questions

To A Personalized Medical Treatment Plan

In order to develop a personalized medical treatment plan for the individual patient, six key questions should be asked by the physician involved in its development.

  1. Can I identify any primary cause(s) behind any of the patient’s medical problems or diseases? How do I treat the patient so as to: A) eradicate the cause; B) help heal or delay progression of disease processes; or C) prevent or limit further damage?
  2. What is the best medical treatment regimen that is safe, effective, and realistically able to be implemented by the patient?
  3. What elements of the medical treatment plan are evidence-based or biologically plausible and what elements are based on my own experience and clinical judgement?
  4. How much of the patient’s current medical treatment plan is necessarily limited by traditional medicine’s current lack of knowledge as to the actual cause(s) of the patient’s medical problem? Are there new insights that may be relevant to a new treatment regimen focusing on non-drug options?
  5. What are the anticipated changes in the patient’s health (good or bad) that may occur and over what time period?
  6. When does the patient need to be seen again to reassess his/her health and medical treatment plan status?

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