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9 Important Skills

Of an Integrative Medicine Physician

  1. A keen understanding of normal human physiology and pathophysiology.
  2. The ability and desire to obtain complete historical information from each patient: the current history, past medical history, family history, environmental and social history.
  3. The ability to perform a physical examination to assess the clinical condition of a patient on a first-hand basis.
  4. The ability and the time to review all prior hospitalizations, records from other physicians, laboratory and X-ray data and the results of any prior diagnostics tests (both traditional and alternative).
  5. The ability to determine and effectively coordinate any additional tests needed.
  6. The ability to communicate directly with other medical professionals on behalf of the patient and to personally guide any needed medical consultations.
  7. The ability and experience to easily access and research the current medical literature seeking to discover and causative links between a patient’s symptoms and his/her medical illnesses.
  8. The ability to develop a personalized preventive and integrative treatment plan utilizing both traditional and complementary alternative medical treatment options.
  9. The ability to follow up the patient for ongoing reassessment and possible additional testing and/or treatment modifications.

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