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As a concierge medical practitioner, Dr. Delany is accessible to you 24/7. You can call or text with him or phone our office during weekday hours for your needs. Telemedicine appointments are easily scheduled.

A Personalized Plan Made For You

When you become a patient with Dr Delany, you will experience a very personalized approach to treatment. What he recommends for you will be based on a thorough evaluation, your medical history, your physical exam and his extensive research. Your overall treatment plan consisting of life style changes, dietary changes, nutrients medications, specialty referrals, diagnostic testing and specific treatment options will be geared individually to yourself. You will understand each step and why we think it’s necessary.

Below you can read more about some of most common services and forms of testing.

Access To a Wide Range of Non-Invasive Testing Modalities

When it comes to pinpointing and addressing your needs, diagnostics along with in-office treatment options are available. The testing and treatment options that’s right for you may not be applicable to the next person, even if you have similar ailments. We’ll order the right testing and provide or order the right treatment for you based on your history, our evaluation and a thorough review of your medical records.

The types of testing or treatments Dr Delany may perform or order to have completed include:

  • Exercise stress tests ( routine & nuclear imaging), Holter Monitors, Echocardiograms performed at nearby Beth Israel Milton Hospital or at a facility of your choice.
  • Referral to a cost effective Outpatient Xray Facility for a Coronary Artery Calcification Measurement (Tollgate Radiology in Warwick, Rhode Island)
  • A unique very safe and successful weight loss program used for the last 10 years ( in-office)
  • Heart Rate variability test to assess the function and balance of the autonomic nervous system
  • Electro-Equiscope: micro-voltage non-invasive equipment that improves pain and inflammation linked to the knees, lower back, hands,feet, shoulder and neck, and the enhancement of lymph flow
  • Neural Therapy: the use of procaine injections to correct autonomic nervous system (i.e. the involuntary sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system) and unblock “interfering fields” linked to often unexplained chronic symptoms.
  • Theragem Fusion Light Therapy: the combination of colored full spectrum light (chromatherapy) filtered through various gemstones combined with gentle frequencies that harmonize the body and mind
  • Access to needed Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
  • Hair Analysis: evaluation for the presence of fast or slow oxidation and different metal toxicities
  • Biomeridian Testing: the creation of personalized homeopathic drops addressing various medical conditions (in-office)
  • On-site collection of an extensive range of laboratory tests ( blood and urine) from Quest Laboratory and other specialty labs.
  • On site testing for specialized lipid subfraction testing along with levels of essential fatty acids from Boston Heart Lab
  • At-home collection: extensive range of various intestinal tests requiring a stool sample to be collected and sent out to various laboratories or brought to our office to be send out; ; At home collection of urine specimens and sent out to various laboratories or brought to our office to be sent out.; Speciality Laboratories include:Vibrant America , Quest Laboratory, Genova Diagnostics, Great Plains Laboratory
  • DNA Testing using a combination of (a) My Heritage DNA Saliva, (b) followed by DNA Data Acquisition from LiveWello, and (c) Analysis with the assistance of Nutritional Genomics
  • On-site intravenous services ( i.e. IV Vitamin C, Procaine, and EDTA etc)
  • On-site testing for Corona Virus ( PCR Nasal Swab- Vibrant America) and Antibody Testing ( Vibrant America & Boston Heart); “Drive By “PCR testing at nearby Beth Israel Milton Hospital
  • The availability of carefully chosen nutritional supplements and herbal medicines

Our Successful, Unique Weight Management Plan

Many seek our help because they are unable to lose weight or keep off unwanted pounds. Dr Delany has seen great success in guiding patients through a very successful 6 week weight loss plan. If you are seeking to lose weight, we offer a safe weight loss plan that selectively results in the loss of intra-abdominal fat with patients averaging between 25 pounds ( for women) and 30-35 pounds (for men) over a six week period.

The Electro-Equiscope is a non-invasive microcurrent technology that promotes healing in areas of the body where there is pain and/or inflammation. It is a safe, tested and registered Class II medical device. It has been used by thousands of patients to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in almost every part of the body in 30 to 45 minutes. It reduces pain by promoting the restoration of healthy microvoltage to the cells of the body allowing healing to occur. If you have inflammation, injury, are post-surgery, have pain in your joints or want to gain greater mobility, this modality may be perfect for you. Completely noninvasive and simple to complete, you’ll likely get results in as little as three sessions.

Dr Delany is the medical director at a free standing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center approximately 6 miles from his office in Randolph, Massachusetts. The use of 100% 0xygen applied at an elevated pressure in a comfortable chamber has been well documented for multiple medical conditions. Decreased inflammation, the growth of new blood vessels, and optimized healing are the main benefits of this therapy. Dr Delany can assess your need for this technology.

Neural Therapy involves the injection of a local anesthetic such as procaine or lidocaine into scars, trigger points , acupuncture points, tendons, ligaments, autonomic ganglia and other tissues to treat chronic pain and illness. In recent years, it has been shown that “interference fields” may exist within scars ( or often occult teeth disorders) causing often seemingly unrelated clinical symptoms elsewhere in the body. A dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system with secondary symptoms can be corrected by the use of procaine injections into the scar restoring the normal regulation of the autonomic nervous system along with clinical improvement.

Theragem Fusion Light Therapy is a state-of-the-art technology using a combination of colored full spectrum light (chromatherapy) filtered through various gemstones combined with gentle frequencies that harmonize the body and mind. Depending on the color, gems, and program selected, the sessions may be balancing, calming, energizing, or stimulating to various parts of the body and mind. If there are cold, stagnant areas in the body, we use it to bring warmth and vitality in. Theragem is a gentle way to kick start your body’s healing mechanisms, to relax muscles and nerves, increase circulation, and promote balance in body and mind. It routinely promotes improvement of an individual’s heart rate variability.

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