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Why We Need to Boost Our Body's Ability to Make and Maintain Adequate Levels of NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

illustration of moleculesBy Richard M. Delany M.D., F.A.C.C.

A new awareness by the medical community has occurred about an amazing molecule that we make within our bodies called NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide):

  • The human body’s net production of NAD+ progressively declines from a high value in our teenage years to very low levels in our older age.
  • By boosting NAD+’s production within our bodies, it is now believed that we can extend both our lifespan and our healthspan. This means that we expect not only to live longer but to be in much better health at older ages.
  • By carefully taking a specific supplement (Quercetin) in a timely fashion that can block a harmful enzyme system that “uses up” too much of our NAD+, we can successfully promote higher levels of NAD+ in our bodies. This synergistic effect creates more available energy, less fatigue, improved sleep, and better health as we age.

What is NAD+: Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide?

NAD+ is found in all living cells. It is essential for healthy metabolism and energy production of the human body. NAD+ also serves an important role in maintaining the integrity of our DNA. NAD+ carries electrons from one biological form (NAD+) to another form (NADH) that helps convert the nutrients in the food we eat into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). Together these two forms of NAD+ work synergistically to promote good health within our complex human bodies. ATP is the key form of energy that all the cells of the body can use. It must be constantly made all the time and the human body accomplishes this monumental task throughout our lives. Medical knowledge about how this connection of NAD+ to the formation of ATP energy stores has been known for a long time. NAD+ is simply the key molecule that must be present in the right amount at the right time in the mitochondria of the cells in our bodies where ATP is made.

How do I know which NAD+ Booster is Right for me?

Experimental animal studies have paved the way that has permitted more human medical studies to be safely performed using two types of NAD+ Boosters:

  • NMN – Nicotinamide Mononucleotide
  • NR – Nicotinamide Riboside

There are some differences between the two available NAD+ Boosters. However, I believe an NMN NAD+ Booster is the superior choice. And while there are more than one available NMN NAD+ Boosters, I believe that the Accuri Vitality Boost, a proprietary NMN-based formulation by Jinfiniti Precision Medicine, is the best NAD+ Booster. This is based on my assessment of how my patients have clinically responded after its consumption. My ability to test an individual’s intracellular NAD+ levels before and after one month of the use of the Accuri Vitality Boost, NAD+ Booster has reinforced my choice of this NMN NAD+ Booster. I have seen improvement in energy and sleep that typically occurs within 2-4 weeks and is validated by finding increased levels of NAD+ after 3-4 weeks of NAD+ Booster consumption. I have also seen that individuals who have the lowest baseline tests often experience a more rapid and dramatic clinical improvement. Individuals also enjoy seeing the achievement of their NAD+ levels nicely rise into the “healthy range” currently only seen in teenagers or individuals in their early twenties.

Are There Any Downsides to Taking An NAD+ Booster?

The human body has many important metabolic pathways. One of the most important pathways is the one that changes the food that we consume into energy by delivering forms of NAD+ and NADH within the mitochondria of the cells where ATP is made. Patients with various cancers (e.g., cancer of the prostate and pancreas) may have this pathway literally “hijacked” by the cancer. The cancer could then theoretically use an NAD+ Booster to help fuel the underling cancer. Because of this uncommon possibility, patients with cancer should not take NAD+ Boosters without consideration by their physicians. One way to help screen for the asymptomatic and unknowing presence of an underlying cancer is to test for 3 blood tests from individuals who are considering taking an NAD+ Booster. This testing checks the status of elevated biomarkers linked to the potential presence of specific cancers (i.e., PSA for potential prostate cancer, CEA for possible intestinal tract cancer, CA-125 for possible ovarian cancer and C-19-9 for possible pancreatic cancer). If one of values are elevated, it does not mean that you have cancer but it should be further checked before taking an NAD+ Booster. Another safeguard is to ensure that all currently available cancer screening tests (colonoscopies, mammograms, stool tests for occult blood, pap smears, physical examinations etc.) have been performed before taking an NAD+ Booster.

NAD+ Therapy Now Available

Dr Delany is now offering NAD+ Therapy to patients of Personalized Preventive Medicine. Patients can call the office to schedule an appointment to learn more about NAD+ and for testing. The cost of a NAD+ Test is $195 and the NAD+ Booster cost is $130 (typically for a month’s supply).

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